BUS 211 Week 5 quiz

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BUS 211 Week 5 quiz
Year: 2016
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BUS 211 Week 5 quiz


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Which component of the HRM system determines who is the best fit for the organization’s specific job requirements?

Performance appraisal and feedback

Recruitment and selection

Labor relations

Pay and benefits

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What leadership approach would a leader take if they were to combine a concern for the well-being of the employee with an approachable demeanor and attitude?

Direct approach

Supportive approach

Achievement-oriented approach

Participative approach

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A three stage business plan is used by managers. Which of the following is one of the stages?

Assembling raw materials into finished products

Answering questions about products from customers

Selecting goals and targets for team members

Calling customers to sell products

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When looking at a demand curve for a particular product. The slope falls downward from left to right. This slope shows which of the following:

As price increases, quality increases.

As price decreases, quantity increases.

As quantity decreases, price decreases.

As price decreases, quality increases.

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Marketing, operations, sales distribution, and customer service support are included in what functions of a business?

Tertiary function

Secondary value function

Primary value function

Complimentary function

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A detailed SWOT analysis would classify competition in the industry or market as a





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What term best describes the buyers and sellers available for a particular product?